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Residential and Office Movers
Residential and Office Movers

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From delivering and setting up a nine-foot concert grand for a major performance, to bringing your new piano to its new home, we are the only trusted, qualified, professional piano movers.
Considering the risks of non-trained, private party, football buddies trying to wrestle a piano...to the delicate procedure of knowing how to reassemble the lyre on a grand piano...it pays to hire professionals who know what they're doing.
WA Big Guys Movers llc will be happy to assist you, Our expertly trained teams will handle your Piano with the care you should expect from every moving company.


An unsuccessful packing job will lead to an unsuccessful move. Proper paper wrapping, padding and boxing procedures are vital to protect your items.
WA Big Guys Movers llc offers a full range of packing and unpacking services. Our movers are also trained professional packers and they can help you with as much or as little of the packing and unpacking as you need.
Don’t wait to start packing: Move day sneaks up on everyone!  Start packing and downsizing shortly after you determine your move date. Anything that you will not need on the morning of your move should be packed by the night before to minimize stress and decrease moving time.
Be mindful of box weight: The heavier an item, the smaller the box should be. Belongings like books, files and papers should be placed in a smaller box. Large boxes work best for linens, pillows, and other light weight items. As a rule of thumb, pack boxes to weigh no more than 40-50lbs.
Securing the Box: Moving boxes is safest and easiest when each box is closed and taped. Open-top boxes are difficult to stack and increase the likelihood for damaged belongings.
Purchase boxes designed for moving: Moving boxes are sturdier than boxes for other purposes. We have a long list of regular and specialty boxes and packing materials that are priced competitively and designed for moving. Remember… Packing A Moving Box Is Simple!
The residential moving services that we provide are affordable, useful and convenient. Other residential moving companies will offer moving service, but our moving methods are built on 5years of proven success and customers who are pleased. Moving requires special planning for both your time and your budget, and we are dedicated to offering ways to make your move fit with your schedule as well as your financial responsibilities. We believe that being detailed gets results, and before you begin the moving process with us, one of our Personal Relocation Assistants will help you to outline what your residential moving needs are and how WA Big Guys Movers llc can best address those needs. At that time, express any specific moving requirements you have, as well as any key points of importance such as your location, narrow driveway or gated access restrictions, storage needs and more. This will help us to customize your move accordingly and provide you with the appropriate WA Big Guys Movers truck .
“Moving is a stressful, time-consuming, and expensive process. Let WA Big Guys Movers llc take care of all your moving needs .”
For 5 years, WA Big Guys Movers llc has specialized in providing commercial moving, storage, furniture installation and related services to companies of all sizes throughout WA State.
Our team's top priority it to meet our clients needs to ensure an efficient and painless relocation, installation or related services experience.  Our experienced project managers, drivers, supervisors and movers work together with our operations and sales teams to determine a plan and execute it according to your needs, to ensure your project is completed without any headaches. The expertise and experience of our team enables us to be flexible and provide solutions quickly and effectively should any unexpected circumstances arise over the course of your move.  It is common practice to see a member of our executive group on a move job during a weekend move.We understand that when you’re transitioning to a new location, you’ll need optimal efficiency for the shortest downtime. That’s why you should hire WA Big Guys Movers llc to ensure a flawless move.
What we move:
*Office furniture
*Modular systems furniture
*Electronics and general
*Office equipment
*Racks and components
*Data centers
*Software labs
*Documents and file boxes
*Conference rooms
*Oversized items
Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone to call our moving company to learn more about how we can help set you up. Here are some brief highlights:
*Free quote and phone consultation to assess your needs
*WA Big Guys Movers llc Gathering of information about all of your moving needs, such as the equipment we’ll need to handle, your timeline, and what supplies we’ll need to bring.
Before you pack up, don’t forget to give us a call to discuss efficient tips on labeling your boxes so that packing and unpacking will be a breeze. Alternatively, we’d be glad to help you pack up also!
*On the day of the move, our certified WA Big Guys Movers will arrive timely and be attentive to all of your company needs
 we have helped numerous companies move to new locations and our strategies ensure a smooth transition to your company’s new home. Most importantly, your satisfaction of our services is 100% guaranteed.
“Commercial Moving Services for Businesses in Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia, Fort Lewis, and Nearby Communities.”